About Us

Wingubox Ltd is a cloud software company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide a modular business cloud suite comprising: Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Leave Management, Website CMS (content management system) and Corporate Email solutions. Our software is carefully crafted to suit progressive Medium and Small businesses (SMEs/SMBs).

We help our clients achieve:

  • Professionalism in their business operations
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.
  • The choice NOT to print


We started off in 2005 as Digital Horizons primarily operating as a web design studio. In 2007, we incorporated into a limited company trading as Digital Horizons Ltd.

As the internet became more available, affordable and stable, demand for cloud applications informed our decision to launch cleanbill cloud billing application. A few months later, we launched payroll and website builder.

We have since re-branded into Wingubox, offering powerful, robust fully fledged accounting, human resource, content management and email solutions.

Our Mission

Empowering today's business owners and managers to operate professionally, effectively and efficiently through cutting-edge software technology.

Our Vision

To do more for SMEs(Small & Medium Enterprises) than anyone else on earth!

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