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August 2023

kra public notice housing levy gross salary

Housing Levy and Gross Salary Calculations

How to adjust Gross Monthly Salary for Housing Levy on your Wingubox Payroll (Kenya) Software Account


August 2023


How to file returns for housing levy

Use your Wingubox KRA reports section to file your housing levy monthly returns


July 2023

finance act 2023 payroll tax

Court lifts ban on Finance Act 2023 - Kenya

Court lifts ban on finance act 2023. Here is how it will affect payroll.


August 2022

employee attendance for payroll

Employee Attendance for Payroll

An attendance management system is important for various reasons, chief among them: Effective distribution of attendance-based resources Compensat...


August 2022

manage salary advance on wingbuox payroll

Salary Advance on Wingubox Payroll Software

It is common practice for employees on monthly pay to request an advance on their salary in the middle of the month. Automation of such a common task ...


August 2022

wingubox employee losses damages on payroll

Employee Losses/Damages

In some cases, based on certain conditions, it may be required that an employee pay for loss or damage to employer’s property left under their c...


November 2019


Wingubox Expense Claims

Configure your expense claims settings This can be done by administrator with access rights to Wingubox Payroll. On the menu, go to “Settings&...


January 2019

understanding kenyan paye payslip

Understanding the Kenyan PAYE calculator

Anatomy of Kenyan Payslip. Understand how Kenyan payslips work. Including gross salary, deductible reliefs such as nssf, personal reliefs, income tax ...


November 2017


8 Easy Steps: How to pay NSSF Online

Learn how to use the new NSSF Kenya Self-Service Portal to upload your payroll data, generate and submit SF24 file, produce and print payment order an...


October 2017

nhif byproduct browse file

5 Easy Steps: How to make NHIF byproduct online payment

Step by step tutorial shows you how to use NHIF online resources for employers to file your monthly returns using the Byproduct Excel Sheet. Wingubox ...


August 2017

casuals on wingubox

Managing Casual Employees (labourers)

Casual employees (laborers) are unpredictable. Yet the Kenyan employment and tax laws require that employers should collect statutory deductions from ...


April 2016

email p9 forms to employees

Email KRA P9 Reports to employees

Every individual is required to file their individual income tax returns online via KRA itax portal. For employees, the information for their tax retu...


May 2015

kra itax paye p10 returns

KRA iTax guide for filing P10 (PAYE) employee returns

Wingubox Online Payroll allows you to export KRA iTax format P10 (PAYE) returns from your monthly payroll data to P10_Return.xlsm file


July 2014

project based payroll

Project-based payroll reports

Wingubox Online Payroll allows you to segment your employees into projects and produce project-based payroll reports.


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