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March 2024

kra affordable housing levy collection notice

Re-introduction of Housing Levy

Affordable Housing Act, 2024 comes into effect upon assent of bill by President Ruto


February 2024


New NSSF rates starting February 2024

As per schedule of the NSSF act 2013 which only came into effect on February of 2023, the next scheduled increment is set to come into effect from Feb...


March 2023


Accounting Software Integration with KRA TIMS

  The introduction of new KRA TIMS (Tax Invoice Management System) brings with it some necessary updates to Wingubox Commerce (Accounting softwa...


February 2023


Courts Uphold NSSF Act 2013

Following a ruling by Kenyan court of appeal judges, the NSSF Act of 2013 which has been hanging in limbo since enactment, has now been validated and ...


January 2022

nhif health insurance

Introduction of Insurance Relief on NHIF

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) contribution by the employee is now eligible for Insurance relief as per Finance Act No.8 of 2021 of Kenya


January 2021

KRA PAYE Tax Rates Effective January 2021

New KRA PAYE tax rates 2021

Tax Law (Amendment) act No 2 of 2020 was published on Dec 24th 2020.  Consequently, there are changes to the monthly PAYE tax bands issued for C...


April 2020


New KRA PAYE tax rates 2020

New PAYE rates for 2020 take effect from April 2020. This follows the assent of the tax amendment bill. Detailed tax table for monthly payroll process...


February 2020


Employee Work Shifts

Wingubox now caters for accurate calculation of your payroll by accommodating multiple user-defined work shifts. This also allows for better attendanc...


November 2019


Improved Employee Self-service

Wingubox now has enhanced employee self-service for better collaboration in leave, advance pay, expense claims, overtime and assets.


April 2018


Password-Protected PDF payslips

Wingubox Payroll now offers password protected PDF payslips with the option of using either ID No., PIN No., Staff No. or Bank Account No as password


April 2018


Enhanced Multi-Currency Payslips

Multi-currency payroll processing allows you to pay your employees in a currency of their/your choice while making statutory returns in your local cur...


April 2018

wingubox process net salary

Process payslips based on NET PAY

Now you can easily feed in an amount that can either be BASIC SALARY or NET SALARY, when processing, the system will make back-calculations on your NE...


April 2018


Payroll General Ledger for Journals Export

Wingubox Payroll now introduces Payroll General Ledger with a listing of journal entries of any given date range


February 2018


NSSF announces compulsory online returns

According to an NSSF notice issued, NSSF will no longer be accepting manual returns via storage devices such as flash disks.


February 2018

payroll employee loans management

Employee Loans Management

We have introduced a dedicated loans management module for easy administration of employee loans. Monitor Loan History, Track active, suspended and co...


February 2018


Monthly Payroll Approval

For organizations that require payslips to be approved before any payment processing, this step eliminates the need for physical printouts that then h...


January 2018


New KRA PAYE Tax Rates 2018

Following the implementation of the Finance Act 2017, new tax rates for Kenyan PAYE came into effect from January 1st 2018. Use Wingubox Free Tax Calc...


July 2017

termination severance pay and leave

Employee Termination - Redundancy

Calculating Severance Pay According the Employment Act Cap. 226 of the laws of Kenya, “an employee declared redundant shall be entitled to seve...


July 2017

new nssf selfservice online-submission

NSSF online payroll and payment processing

Use Wingubox Payroll to simplify your monthly nssf online payment processing. Both old and new report formats in MS Excel are supported.


March 2017

cloud computing software trends

10 reasons to choose Cloud Software over Installed Software

If you are still pondering on whether cloud software is a better option than an installed system, we've put 10 points together that support this growi...


January 2017

new paye kra tax rates 2017

New KRA tax rates 2017

Following the implementation of the Finance Act 2016, new tax rates for Kenyan PAYE came into effect from January 1st 2017


January 2016

employee documents upload

Payroll Software updates (01) - Jan 2016

Employee Document Upload In addition to employee photos, HR documents (per employee) can be securely uploaded (To your Wingubox Drive), viewed &...


April 2015

nhif rates kenya

New NHIF Rates

New NHIF rates take effect from April 2015 Payroll. This article shows the tabulated rates released via gazette notice.


December 2014

Online Payroll Software

Online payroll software designed for entreprenuers. Easy processing. Easy reports (KRA iTax, NHIF byproduct, NSSF, Muster Roll). Work online from anyw...


October 2014

cloud computing

6 reasons why SMES should embrace cloud software (Saas) to remain competitive

Cloud-based software helps small businesses stay competitive by increasing efficiency, cutting costs and improving customer acquisition and relations.


June 2014

nssf rates online self service

New NSSF rates online calculator

The NSSF ACT 2013 comes into effect from June 1st 2014. This act was suspended by the courts and only came into full effect from February 2023 ...


January 2014

New NSSF ACT 2013

The NSSF ACT 2013 comes into effect from June 1st 2014. There is a raise in NSSF contributions from a maximum of KShs 200 to the new rate of 6%. Howe...


September 2013

online accouting invoicing

Online Accounting Software

Wingubox Litebooks is an online award winning accounting software system (cloud) that helps you manage your day to day money transacti...


May 2013

wingubox integrated business cloud solutions

Advantages of Cloud-based software over desktop installations

By definition, cloud computing allows you to access and use a remote application/software from your device via internet connection. Here are some rea...


May 2013

cleanbill featured on the standard newspaper

Cleanbill Featured on The Standard Newspaper

We were excited to have our products features on The Standard Newspaper


May 2012

Winners of vision 2030 ict innovation awards

Winners of vision 2030 ict innovation awards

In 2012, we entered our cleanbill online payroll and cleanbill litebooks (online accounting) for vision 2030 ICT awards in the category of financial s...


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