Advantages of Cloud-based software over desktop installations

wingubox integrated business cloud solutions

By definition, cloud computing allows you to access and use a remote application/software from your device via internet connection.

Here are some reasons why it is gaining preference over traditional desktop applications:

  • Cloud software is easy and cheap to deploy and maintain while desktop installations require hardware and software installations.
  • Cloud software works like utility, you only pay for what you need : pay-as-you-go
  • With cloud upgrades are automatic and specific.
  • Cloud software makes the business applications more mobile and collaborative.This makes it easier to access and keep 'tabs' on the business progress.
  • Cloud software acts as backup unlike the installed software that may get damaged.
  • Finally, with cloud you get better support since your software vendor can always serve you remotely from anywhere in the world. Desktop installations will require your vendor to physically visit your business premise which can run into high costs, delays and inefficiency.

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