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January 2023


KRA iTax guide for filing monthly VAT returns online

Wingubox Online Accounting allows you to export KRA iTax format VAT returns from your monthly sales and purchases data to VAT3_Return.xlsm file


October 2014

multi currency interbank transfer

Interbank Transfers with different currencies

How to handle mutli-currency bank accounts on wingubox litebooks accounting application


April 2013

online accounting chart of accounts

Accountants Tools

Chart of Accounts This section is mainly used by your accountant to categorize your accounts into Assets, Expenses, Equity, Revenues and Liabilities....


April 2013

online accounting client statement

Client Debt Management

Account Aging Report As your business grows, your list of debtors also grows and becomes more complex to track. An aging report will help you categor...


April 2013

online accounting credit note

Credit Notes

A credit note can be issued to correct a mistake if the invoice has been overstated or to reimburse the buyer completely if the goods have been return...


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