Credit Notes

online accounting credit note

A credit note can be issued to correct a mistake if the invoice has been overstated or to reimburse the buyer completely if the goods have been returned. It can also be issued on overpaid invoices.

How to create a credit note

In Litebooks - online accounting, you can create a credit note by:

  • On the main menu, go to "Money In"->"Invoices"
  • Click on the “New Credit Note” and enter details as you  would a normal invoice
  • Create a normal invoice and record the quantity as a negative value (e.g. -3 oranges)

NOTE: On your invoice list, your credit notes will always appear in red

What to do with it?

There are 3 things you can do with a credit note:

  • Leave as is, if the credit note was issued to correct a mistake on an invoice
  • Refund the amount of the credit note in cash to the customer
  • Use the customer's credit to make a payment on another invoice issued to that customer

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