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We are passionate about small business. Small businesses are the driving force of economic growth in all countries around the world.

Wingubox Online software offer entrepreneurs the tools to run their businesses more efficiently. As an entrepreneur, your core processes revolve around marketing your business via website, invoicing customers, receiving payments, recording expenses and paying your employees.

Imagine if you could perform all these under one simplified application. That's exactly what Wingubox online does for you.

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  • Online Marketing Management

    As an online marketing company, we work with our clients to help them build their brands, increase revenues...Learn More

    Wingubox Litebooks

    Most accountants are conversant with advanced accounting software systems such as quickbooks and...Learn More

    Wingubox Openkazi

    Build an online resume in 10 minutes Whether you are in the job market or freelancing, You need an easy...Learn More

  • Wingubox Payroll (Kenya)

    Wingubox Online Payroll has all you need in a payroll Software/System and more. Our cloud-based payroll...Learn More

    Wingubox Sites

    Why Wingubox SITES?: Built-in sales tools to help you read, respond and track product enquiries Create...Learn More