Client Debt Management

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Account Aging Report

As your business grows, your list of debtors also grows and becomes more complex to track. An aging report will help you categorize your overdue invoices. These are categorized into 0-30 days, 30-60 days, 60-90 days and those over 90 days overdue. With this report, you will know the clients/customers that have overdue accounts and the extent of severity (in amount and time) of the debt.
This can be accessed on the menu “Reports”->"Statements"->”Account Aging Report”

Client Statements

If you’ve been invoicing your customers over a long period of time, a statement will help both you and your customer to get an overview/summary of all your transactions over a period of time.
Wingubox Litebooks allows you to generate this summary report, export it to PDF and email it to your customer right from the system.

You can choose what currency to display the system or leave it with your default currency

This can be accessed on the menu

  • “Reports”->"Statements"->”Client Statements” 
  • Select client name and required date range.

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