KRA iTax guide for filing monthly VAT returns online

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Following, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) full migration to the new iTax system, some changes have been consequently updated on Wingubox (Online Accounting) - VAT Reports section.
We have introduced two distinct columns that show taxes from customers with registered PIN and customers without. This is important while filing your returns.

wingubox litebooks online accounting - vat report

Exporting your VAT itax data from Wingubox Litebooks

  • To view your VAT reports on Wingubox Online Accounting, on the menu, go to “Reports”->”VAT Reports”
  • Select the desired tax, in this case VAT
  • Select the desired period (It will default to last month)
  • Locate the blue export button “Export tax reports”
  • From this button you can exports two KRA itax files
    -iTax General Rated Sales
    -iTax General Rated Purchases

online accounting - kra itax export csv

Downloading the KRA itax Excel file

  1. Log in to with your PIN and password.
  2. On the main menu, click on “Returns”->”File Returns”
  3. Select VAT as the type of tax return
  4. This will take you to a section where you can download the KRA itax excel file
  5. Download the ‘Recommended’ file format
online accounting - kra returns online menu
online accounting - download kra itax excel file

Populating the KRA iTax file

  1. Open the KRA file in MS Excel and fill out the first page with details of your PIN and month of returns
  2. Click on the NEXT button.
  3. You will notice there is a tab for “General rated sales” and general rated purchases
  4. Under general rated purchases, import file from Wingubox for the same title.
  5. Notice that if you don’t have any customers with PIN, this file will have no data.
  6. For customers without PIN enter the full amount of vatable sales on the row labeled “Total Sales VAT for customers not registered for VAT. This amount can be gotten from the Wingubox VAT reports table.
  7. With “General Rated Purchases”, all invoices must have a valid registered PIN to be acceptable.
    Wingubox will only export itax data where valid PINs exist.

online accounting - import KRA itax data from  wingubox


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