Employee Losses/Damages

wingubox employee losses damages on payroll

In some cases, based on certain conditions, it may be required that an employee pay for loss or damage to employer’s property left under their care. In such a case, such a charge is best handled via a deduction from the pay slip.

Wingubox Online Payroll Software has a losses/damage module to automate the submission (application form), approval and consequent deduction from payroll.

The submission form contains the employee’s name, description of item, the value, and the installments they would repay in. Once submitted, either by administrator or the employee via Employee Self-Service, the form undergoes a customized approval workflow managed by the document approval module. The approving supervisor/manager receives an email notification of documents pending their approval.

Approved documents are then queued for payroll processing where installments are automatically deducted and monitored until full repayment is made.

The option to print the form for physical signatures and documentation is also available.

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