Salary Advance on Wingubox Payroll Software

manage salary advance on wingbuox payroll

It is common practice for employees on monthly pay to request an advance on their salary in the middle of the month. Automation of such a common task is a valuable feature in a payroll software.
With respect to this, Wingubox Payroll is equipped with a highly intuitive “Advance Pay” module. Some notable features of this module include:

  1. Mass entries by payroll administrator with facility to import data file
  2. Individual requests submitted by employee via Employee Self-service and subject to approval
  3. Ability to split repayments into installments
  4. Ability to pause a repayment or reschedule repayment dates
  5. Customizable Salary Advance reports

Once scheduled and approved, advance salaries paid out will be automatically deducted from subsequent payroll processing as outlined.
If necessary, the application forms for salary advance, can be printed out for physical signatures.

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