5 Easy Steps: How to make NHIF byproduct online payment

nhif byproduct browse file
Step 1: Prepare your MS Excel by-product

Prepare your MS Excel by-product file in the required NHIF format using the latest NHIF rates for Kenya
View sample NHIF by-product sample here

If you are using  Wingubox Online Payroll Software, this file will be auto-generated for you.


Step 2: Login to NHIF online portal

Browse to NHIF employer resource and log in with your employer code and password

  • nhif byproduct online login


Step 3: Upload NHIF ByProduct

Once logged in, click on the ‘browse’ button and navigate to your saved excel by-product file in your computer.

  • nhif upload byproduct


Step 4: Validate and Submit NHIF ByProduct

Next, click ‘Validate ByProduct’. This will download the contents of your MS Excel file and display them on your screen. Any errors detected will be highlighted in red by NHIF system.

If no errors, click ‘Submit Byproduct

  • nhif byproduct submit


Step 5: Print, Pay and File a copy

Byproduct number generated by NHIF online system will display with the option to PRINT.

Print this out and use it to make payment to the nearest branch of the following banks: National Bank, Co-op Bank, KCB and Equity Bank

Keep/file the banking slip safe as proof of payment for any payroll audits

To avoid penalties for late returns, ensure you make your monthly returns by the 9th of every month

  • nhif print byproduct


You can manually create the Microsoft Excel sheet in the required format, Wingubox Payroll, helps you to auto-generate this file with its in-built NHIF rates and formula. This will save you precious man-hours and help avoid errors. This tutorial assumes the employer has an employer code and has already done the online account registration on the NHIF portal.

NHIF remittances should be done by the 9th of the next month.

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