Wingubox Sites

This feature-rich content management software ensures that your business achieves its goals through the latest web technology

Wingubox SITES is a content management system that helps you build your website, manage content over time, sell products and generate leads - without need for techie expertise.

Why Wingubox SITES?

  1. Built-in sales tools to help you read, respond and track product enquiries
  2. Create multiple landing (marketing) pages and test which messages are most effective
  3. Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better visibility on Google Search
  4. Modern intuitive design templates for mobile, tablet and PC viewing
  5. Fast loading speeds with our dedicated servers
  6. More security measures for integrity of data


  1. Accept online payments with MPESA and Paypal Integration
  2. Online inventory management module
  3. Integrates with Wingubox Litebooks (Accounting) for automated updates of accounts receivable